Monday, October 12, 2015

1992 Topps Don Carman

I decided to finally dust off this blog and start working on the backs of some of the cards. Next up is card #822, Don Carman. Don pitched most of his career with the Phillies, and spent the last 2 seasons with the Reds and Rangers. His last Topps card was in the 1991 set. 
While reading about him in Wikipedia, I found out a few interesting things. He almost threw a perfect game, but Milt Thompson missed a flyball on what would've been out #27. I've never seen footage of the play, but from the description, it seems as if it could've been called an error and he would've at least had a no-hitter. 
I guess once, Carman got tired of reporters asking the same questions, and made a list of 37 standard responses that he taped to his locker and had reporters use them for their inteviews. 
Lastly, I guess he misplaced a pile of fanmail, and his wife found them after many years, and she had Don respond back to all of them. I remember reading about it in 2008 or so, and sending Don a card to sign, and sure enough, it came back signed a few weeks later. 

I'll probably slowly but surely post more fronts and backs of cards as I have time. Hopefully it will give insight on some of the players Topps left off their 1992 set and inspire Topps to produce cards of every Major Leaguer. If not that grand of a scale, I hope that anyone who reads this enjoys it and I would be thrilled if you want to get some of these cards printed to either add to your collection or try to have autographed. There are many good through-the-mail signers in the checklist, and I think some of these would look great signed. 
Thanks for checking out todays post.