Monday, August 31, 2015

Fronts of every card except for coach cards

Well, I finally finished the fronts of every card in my custom 1992 Topps set except for some of the coaches. So that means that every position player and pitcher who played a game in 1991 has a card in the 1992 Topps set now. I am almost positive I have a card of every player and haven't missed one. I will work on the fronts of the coach cards next and should have them done (and a sweet post with pictures of every card from #793-1358) in a few weeks.
I did some last-minute research on all of the coaches recently, and found out that for some reason, I am missing 8 coaches. I added them to the checklist, and did a few changes where I had to, including making a Manager card for Mike Cubbage AND Bud Harrelson of the New York Mets (Cubbage replaced Harrelson with a week to go in the '91 season, and I don't know if Harrelson was kept as a coach or not, so I figured I would give him a manager card). I think with these findings (hopefully!) the checklist is complete. Thanks for checking out my work on the set!