Tuesday, May 31, 2016

1992 Topps Mark Davidson

Mark Davidson played in the Major Leagues from 1986-1991. He recieved Topps cards from 1988-1991, missing only the 1987 and 1992 sets. He was nothing more than a reserve outfielder, but he can say something that not many MLBers can say as he is a World Series champion, playing on the 1987 Minnesota Twins club. 

I started really trading baseball cards with friends in 1991 with friends at school in the 2nd grade, and Mark Davidson will always have a special place in my heart since his 1991 Fleer card was one of the first cards I remember getting in a trade. I don't know why, but for some reason I thought he was a superstar and wanted to get his card. Guess I was never much of a prospector, even back then.

This card was Mark's Sunset Card, and is the first of 2 Astros in a row in the set (Tony Eusebio is the second). It's a pretty standard card (not sure where I got the photo from), almost the kind of photo you would expect to see on a '92 Topps card.

Thanks for checking out my latest work.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

1992 Topps Mike Dalton

Mike only got into 1 season in the Majors, 1991, pitching 4 games for the Tigers. I own 1 of the 3 cards from Major sets that he appeared on in 1992 ('92 Fleer). He also got a '92 Topps Debut card and a 1992 Score 100 Rising Stars card.

He was understandable left off of the 1992 Topps set since he only played in 4 games in 1991. I was surprised that Score didn't include him in their regular set, but Fleer did. Dalton put up some good numbers in the Minors so it's surprising that he didn't see at least a little more time in the Bigs or make it up in 1990 with the Red Sox.

This card was pretty easy to make. I had to steal the picture from his '92 Score 100 Rising Stars cards, since he didn't have any non-card photos in a Tigers uniform.

Thanks for checking out the latest card in the set.

Monday, May 23, 2016

1992 Topps Steve Wapnick

Steve Wapnick's Major League career consisted of 2 seasons, 1990 and 1991. He had a few various cards from Topps companies, but none in regular Topps sets. He had a 1990 Bowman card, a 1991 Topps Debut card, and a 1992 Stadium Club card. He had 2 cards in 1992 from other sets, a '92 Donruss card, and a 1992 Score card. It seems like if a player only played a few games in 1991, that he will be missing from most sets in 1992, but Score will usually get him in their 1992 set. 

Steve only pitched in 6 games in 1991, so that is probably why he was left off of the '92 Topps set. His Minor League stats say that he could've been a valuable closer or setup man, but perhaps the Big League hitters thought otherwise. Thanks for checking out my latest card.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

1992 Topps Rick Parker

Rick Parker was a journeyman Outfielder during the '90's. He came up with the Giants in 1990 and was with the in 1991. He played in the Minors in 1992, but got some action with the Astros in 1993. In '94 he played for the Mets, and in '95 and '96, he played with the Dodgers, his final 2 seasons in the Big Leagues.

As for Parker Topps cards, he got into the '90 Traded set, and the 1991 flagship issue. Other Topps cards included the 1991 Debut set, a 1992 Stadium Club card, and a 1993 Team Stadium Club card.
He was left off of the 1992 set probably because he only had 13 games in 1991.

Sometime in the near future, I will be putting a link (and perhaps a slideshow if my laptop will let me) to the photos of the entire set. Thanks for checking out the latest card in my set.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Completed 1992 Topps set & 1992 Topps Traded Reference Page

Well, I finally did it. I made a card for every player and coach who was left off of the 1992 Topps set. I hope this page loads quickly for everyone. Below is a picture of every card, front and back in numerical order. Thanks for checking it out!

T133. Pedro Borbon, Jr. ATL
T134. Mark Davis ATL
T135. David Nied ATL RC
T136. Jeff Reardon ATL
T137. Ben Rivera ATL
T138. Steve Lyons ATL
T139. Melvin Nieves ATL
T140. Frank Fultz ATL
T141. Jeff Hartsock CHC
T142. Jessie Hollins CHC
T143. Ken Patterson CHC
T144. Dennis Rasmussen CHC
T145. Jeff Robinson CHC
T146. Jorge Pedre CHC
T147. Alex Arias CHC
T148. Steve Buechele CHC
T149. Jeff Kunkel CHC
T150. Billy Williams Coach CHC
T151. Kal Daniels CHC
T152. Fernando Ramsey CHC
T153. Billy Connors Coach CHC
T154. Tom Trebelhorn Coach CHC
T155. Sammy Ellis Coach CHC
T156. Bobby Ayala CIN
T157. Tom Bolton CIN
T158. Dwayne Henry CIN
T159. Tony Menendez CIN
T160. Tim Pugh CIN
T161. Greg Swindell CIN
T162. Troy Afenir CIN
T163. Scott Bradley CIN
T164. Rick Wrona CIN
T165. Jeff Branson CIN
T166. Darnell Coles CIN
T167. Tim Costo CIN
T168. Gary Green CIN
T169. Willie Greene CIN
T170. Geronimo Berroa CIN
T171. Jacob Brumfield CIN
T172. Cesar Hernandez CIN
T173. John McLaren Coach CIN
T174. Willie Blair HOU
T175. Rob Murphy HOU
T176. Shane Reynolds HOU RC
T177. Rich Scheid HOU
T178. Juan Guerrero HOU
T179. Ernest Riles HOU
T180. Benny Distefano HOU
T181. Chris Jones HOU
T182. Denny Walling HOU
T183. Tom Spencer Coach HOU
T184. Pedro Astacio LAD
T185. Kip Gross LAD
T186. Dave Anderson LAD
T187. Eric Young LAD RC
T188. Billy Ashley LAD RC
T189. Ron Roenicke Coach LAD
T190. Kent Bottenfield MON
T191. Gil Heredia MON
T192. Jonathan Hurst MON
T193. Bill Krueger MON
T194. Bill Landrum MON
T195. Matt Maysey MON
T196. Bill Risley MON
T197. Scott Service MON
T198. Doug Simons MON
T199. Sergio Valdez MON
T200. Rafael Bournigal LAD RC
T201. John Wetteland MON
T202. Pete Young MON
T203. Rick Cerone MON
T204. Tim Laker MON
T205. Bob Natal MON
T206. Sean Berry MON
T207. Greg Colbrunn MON
T208. Todd Haney MON
T209. Mike Birkbeck NYM
T210. Mark Dewey NYM
T211. Tom Filer NYM
T212. Paul Gibson NYM
T213. Lee Guetterman NYM
T214. Eric Hillman NYM
T215. Joe Vitko NYM
T216. Kevin Baez NYM
T217. Jeff Kent NYM RC
T218. Jeff McKnight NYM
T219. Junior Noboa NYM
T220. Steve Springer NYM
T221. Chico Walker NYM
T222. Kevin Bass NYM
T223. Pat Howell NYM
T224. Rodney McCray NYM
T225. Ryan Thompson NYM
T226. Barry Foote Coach NYM
T227. Dave LaRoche Coach NYM
T228. Tom McCraw Coach NYM
T229. Kyle Abbott PHI
T230. Bob Ayrault PHI
T231. Jay Baller PHI
T232. Brad Brink PHI
T233. Darrin Chapin PHI
T234. Jose DeLeon PHI
T235. Mike Hartley PHI
T236. Barry Jones PHI
T237. Greg Mathews PHI
T238. Ben Rivera PHI
T239. Don Robinson PHI
T240. Keith Shepherd PHI
T241. Mickey Weston PHI
T242. Mike Williams PHI
T243. Jeff Grotewold PHI
T244. Todd Pratt PHI
T245. Juan Bell PHI
T246. Joe Millette PHI
T247. Dale Sveum PHI
T248. Tom Marsh PHI
T249. Julio Peguero PHI
T250. Steve Scarsone PHI 
T251. Mel Roberts Coach PHI
T252. Miguel Batista PIT RC
T253. Victor Cole PIT
T254. Steve Cooke PIT
T255. Danny Cox PIT
T256. Jerry Don Gleaton PIT
T257. Danny Jackson PIT
T258. Dennis Lamp PIT
T259. Roger Mason PIT
T260. Blas Minor PIT
T261. Jeff Robinson PIT
T262. Paul Wagner PIT
T263. Tim Salmon CAL RC
T264. Carlos Garcia PIT
T265. Kevin Young PIT
T266. Dave Clark PIT
T267. Alex Cole PIT
T268. Kirk Gibson PIT
T269. Al Martin PIT RC 
T270. William Pennyfeather PIT
T271. Terry Collins Coach PIT
T272. Bill Virdon Coach PIT
T273. Bien Figueroa STL
T274. Tracy Woodson STL
T275. Ozzie Canseco STL
T276. Chuck Carr STL RC
T277. Don Baylor Coach STL
T278. Doug Brocail SD
T279. Jim Deshaies SD
T280. Dave Eiland SD
T281. Gene Harris SD
T282. Jeff Gardner SD
T283. Guillermo Velasquez SD
T284. Gary Pettis SD
T285. Jim Riggleman Manager SD
T286. Larry Carter SF
T287. Mike Jackson SF
T288. Jim Pena SF
T289. Pat Rapp SF
T290. Steve Reed SF
T291. Kevin Rogers SF
T292. Mark Bailey SF
T293. Craig Colbert SF
T294. Jim McNamara SF
T295. John Patterson SF
T296. Steve Hosey SF
T297. Chris James SF
T298. Carlos Alfonso Coach SF
T299. Bob Brenly Coach SF
T300. Alan Mills BAL
T301. Pat Clements BAL
T302. Storm Davis BAL
T303. Craig Lefferts BAL
T304. Richie Lewis BAL
T305. Rick Dempsey BAL
T306. Mark Parent BAL
T307. Mark McLemore BAL
T308. Steve Scarsone BAL
T309. Tommy Shields BAL
T310. Jack Voigt BAL
T311. Greg Biagini Coach BAL
T312. Dick Bosman Coach BAL
T313. Davey Lopes Coach BAL
T314. Peter Hoy BOS
T315. Paul Quantrill BOS
T316. Ken Ryan BOS
T317. Scott Taylor BOS
T318. Billy Hatcher BOS
T319. Tom Barrett BOS
T320. John Valentin BOS
T321. Gary Allenson Coach BOS
T322. Rick Burleson Coach BOS
T323. Rich Gale Coach BOS
T324. Don Zimmer Coach BOS
T325. Mike Butcher CAL
T326. Chuck Crim CAL
T327. Tim Fortugno CAL
T328. Steve Frey CAL
T329. Hilly Hathaway CAL
T330. Don Robinson CAL
T331. Greg Myers CAL
T332. Alvin Davis CAL
T333. Damion Easley CAL RC
T334. Ken Oberkfell CAL
T335. Rob Ducey CAL
T336. Jose Gonzalez CAL
T337. John Morris CAL
T338. Reggie Williams CAL
T339. Marcel Lachemann Manager CAL
T340. John Wathan Manager/Coach CAL
T341. Rod Carew Coach CAL
T342. Ken Macha Coach CAL
T343. Rick Turner Coach CAL
T344. Mike Dunne CHW
T345. Nelson Santovenia CHW
T346. Chris Cron CHW
T347. Dale Sveum CHW
T348. Shawn Abner CHW
T349. Scott Hemond CHW
T350. Terry Leach CHW
T351. Shawn Jeter CHW
T352. Jackie Brown Coach CHW
T353. Doug Mansolino Coach CHW
T354. Mike Squires Coach CHW
T355. Brad Arnsberg CLE
T356. Mike Christopher CLE
T357. Dennis Cook CLE
T358. Alan Embree CLE RC
T359. Derek Lilliquist CLE
T360. Jose Mesa CLE
T361. Dave Mlicki CLE RC
T362. Eric Plunk CLE
T363. Ted Power CLE
T364. Scott Scudder CLE
T365. Kevin Wickander CLE
T366. Jesse Levis CLE
T367. Jose Hernandez CLE
T368. Brook Jacoby CLE
T369. Dave Rohde CLE
T370. Craig Worthington CLE
T371. Thomas Howard CLE
T372. Rick Adair Coach CLE
T373. Ken Bolek Coach CLE
T374. Dom Chiti Coach CLE
T375. Ron Clark Coach CLE
T376. Dave Nelson Coach CLE
T377. Jeff Newman Coach CLE
T378. John Doherty DET
T379. Buddy Groom DET
T380. Eric King DET
T381. Kurt Knudsen DET
T382. Les Lancaster DET
T383. Chad Kreuter DET
T384. Gary Pettis DET
T385. Larry Herndon Coach DET
T386. Gene Roof Coach DET
T387. Dan Whitmer Coach DET
T388. Juan Berenguer KC
T389. Chris Haney KC
T390. Neal Heaton KC
T391. Dennis Moeller KC
T392. Ed Pierce KC
T393. Dennis Rasmussen KC
T394. Rick Reed KC
T395. Bill Sampen KC
T396. Rich Sauveur KC
T397. Steve Shifflett KC
T398. Curt Young KC
T399. Bob Melvin KC
T400. Jeff Conine KC
T401. Rico Rossy KC
T402. Curtis Wilkerson KC
T403. Chris Gwynn KC
T404. Kevin Koslofski KC
T405. Juan Samuel KC
T406. Guy Hansen Coach KC
T407. Joe Jones Coach KC
T408. Lynn Jones Coach KC
T409. Bruce Kison Coach KC
T410. Lee May Coach KC
T411. Mike Fetters MIL
T412. Neal Heaton MIL
T413. Jesse Orosco MIL
T414. Ron Robinson MIL
T415. Andy Allanson MIL
T416. William Suero MIL
T417. Jim Tatum MIL
T418. Jose Valentin MIL RC
T419. Alex Diaz MIL
T420. Bill Castro Coach MIL
T421. Mike Easler Coach MIL
T422. Tim Foli Coach MIL
T423. Don Rowe Coach MIL
T424. Goose Gozzo MIN
T425. Bob Kipper MIN
T426. Mike Trombley MIN
T427. Carl Willis MIN
T428. Derek Parks MIN
T429. Donnie Hill MIN
T430. Terry Jorgensen MIN
T431. Luis Quinones MIN
T432. Jeff Reboulet MIN
T433. Bernardo Brito MIN
T434. Tim Burke NYY
T435. Shawn Hillegas NYY
T436. Sterling Hitchcock NYY RC
T437. Jerry Nielsen NYY
T438. Russ Springer NYY
T439. Bob Wickman NYY
T440. Curt Young NYY
T441. Dave Silvestri NYY
T442. JT Snow NYY RC
T443. Dion James NYY
T444. Clete Boyer Coach NYY
T445. Tony Cloninger Coach NYY
T446. Monk Meyer Coach NYY
T447. Ed Napoleon Coach NYY
T448. Glenn Sherlock Coach NYY
T449. Mike Stanley NYY
T450. Ruben Sierra OAK
T451. Jim Corsi OAK
T452. Kelly Downs OAK
T453. Goose Gossage OAK
T454. Shawn Hillegas OAK
T455. Jeff Parrett OAK
T456. Mike Raczka OAK
T457. Todd Revenig OAK
T458. Jeff Russell OAK
T459. Bobby Witt OAK
T460. Henry Mercedes OAK
T461. Eric Fox OAK
T462. Mike Kingery OAK
T463. Troy Neel OAK
T464. Randy Ready OAK
T465. Doug Rader Coach OAK
T466. Jim Acker SEA
T467. Juan Agosto SEA
T468. Shawn Barton SEA
T469. Kevin Brown SEA
T470. Brian Fisher SEA
T471. Mark Grant SEA
T472. Eric Gunderson SEA
T473. Randy Kramer SEA
T474. Tim Leary SEA
T475. Jeff Nelson SEA RC
T476. Clay Parker SEA
T477. Dennis Powell SEA
T478. Mike Walker SEA
T479. Kerry Woodson SEA
T480. Bill Haselman SEA
T481. Bert Heffernan SEA
T482. Lance Parrish SEA
T483. Mike Blowers SEA
T484. Bret Boone SEA RC
T485. Shane Turner SEA
T486. Dann Howitt SEA
T487. John Moses SEA
T488. Roger Hansen Coach SEA
T489. Marty Martinez Coach SEA
T490. Russ Nixon Coach SEA
T491. Floyd Bannister TEX
T492. Todd Burns TEX
T493. Mike Campbell TEX
T494. Don Carman TEX
T495. Steve Fireovid TEX
T496. Lance McCullers TEX
T497. Edwin Nunez TEX
T498. Roger Pavlik TEX
T499. Dan Smith TEX
T500. Jose Canseco TEX
T501. Matt Whiteside TEX
T502. Doug Davis TEX
T503. Russ McGinnis TEX
T504. Ray Stephens TEX
T505. Cris Colon TEX
T506. Jeff Frye TEX
T507. Al Newman TEX
T508. John Cangelosi TEX
T509. David Hulse TEX
T510. Toby Harrah Manager TEX
T511. Ray Burris Coach TEX
T512. Perry Hill Coach TEX
T513. David Cone TOR
T514. Mark Eichhorn TOR
T515. Doug Linton TOR
T516. Ricky Trlicek TOR
T517. Alfredo Griffin TOR
T518. Jeff Kent TOR RC
T519. Mike Maksudian TOR
T520. Domingo Martinez TOR
T521. Tom Quinlan TOR
T522. Bob Bailor Coach TOR
T523. Larry Hisle Coach TOR
T524. Brad Kelley Asst. Coach USA
T525. Dave Snow Asst. Coach USA
T526. Jerry Weinstein Asst. Coach USA
T527. Checklist
T528. Checklist
T529. Checklist
T530. Checklist