Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cards 947-955

Todays cards bring us up to card #955. I'm slowly making a little headway, and I'm sure it will be alot easier once I have templates to all 26 teams done again, but for now it's make them as I need them. Card #950 was Rick Dempsey, a longtime catcher, who was one of 3 players to play in the '60's, '70's, '80's, and '90's (Carlton Fisk and Nolan Ryan were the others). I feel pretty old because probably in the next few years, we will see the last player to play in the '90's retire, and I got into baseball in the early '90's, so it's like part of my childhood will be gone. I wish players played for 25 years like some of them did decades ago.

I have a few players coming up that it will be interesting finding pictures for (Josias Manzanillo-Boston, Scott Lusader-Yankees, Denny Walling-Rangers, Nelson Liriano-Royals, and Mauro "Goose" Gozzo-Indians). I believe Walling will have a Mothers Cookies card, Lusader might have a few Yankees card, and Manzanillo might have made it in the '92 Topps Debut set, but the others might be tricky. As you can see, the Bill Long card needed a bunch of changes, and I did the best I could. Thanks for checking out the latest cards. Next ones should be up next week sometime.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cards 942-945

So I am starting over from scratch, and have decided to do the cards in numerical order for the time being. The first 4 cards I have done are of Hector Fajardo, Barry Lyons, Francisco de la Rosa, and Brad Komminsk. I figured Komminsk would be tough as I didn't know he was an Oakland Athletic, but fortunately for me, he had a card in 1992 Score featuring him as an A. About 10 years ago when Komminsk was a coach in the Cleveland Indians oragnization, I got to golf with him. A friend from church had an open spot in his company's golf charity during Spring Training, and he invited me to play. Many players and coaches from the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers Major and Minor Leagues were there. I didn't hit any really good shots, and if I can remember correctly Komminsk might have hit 1 or 2. He was nice, and we talked about the '80's Atlanta Braves, Pascual Perez, and his time with the Indians. He signed some cards for me, and a year later in Spring Training, he recognized me and we chatted some between practices. Wish the Indians still trained in Winter Haven and he was still a coach. I would show him his '92 Topps card.

Slowly but surely, I will get more team templates checked off, and more of the set done. And yes, I did save them to my hard drive. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The unthinkable happened.....

Yesterday, I was almost finished making a card of Wendell Kim, coach of the San Francisco Giants, in my custom 1992 Topps set. Besides Kim, I just had a card of Giants coaches Bob Lillis and Norm Sherry to do, and I would've made a card of every player and coach in the National League for my set. Well, my laptop has a battery that doesn't come on unless you have it plugged into the AC adapter, and I had been saving my cards on a flash drive instead of uploading them to Blogger as I made them. So you guessed it. I got distracted, decided to finish the rest of the Giants set later, and unplugged my laptop. I noticed my flash drive was a little bent yesterday, but didn't think anything of it. So I go to finish the Giants today, and plug my flash drive in, and my computer doesn't recognize it's there. So I either fried the jump drive or disconnected something by bending it. Either way, that means the only cards I have saved are ones I already uploaded to blogger (Cards 793-941, checklists, all the subset cards, and cards of the Detroit Tigers, Minnesota Twins, Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, Cincinatti Reds, and Houston Astros). The cards I have made that I haven't uploaded (the rest of the LA Dodgers, Milwaukee Brewers, Montreal Expos, NY Mets, Piladelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and all but 3 of the San Francisco Giants) are gone. All my templates are gone. I still want to finish the set, but this is a big setback, and will probably set me back a number of months. I may just do what I was doing earlier, and make cards in numerical order, starting at card #942, and filling in the holes between cards that I already have made. It's just frustrating to have to start over for many of the teams I have already completed. I don't know if I might be able to recover the data on the flash drive by using a soldering gun, but seeing as I never used one and don't have one, the possibilities don't look promising. Oh well. I guess I learned to upload cards as I do them. Lesson learned. As always, thanks for checking out my 1992 Topps project.

Monday, June 1, 2015

1992 Topps Houston Astros Team Set

It seems like I haven't posted on this blog in months. With work and stuff at home, sometimes I just don't have time to make custom cards, let alone post any. Today, however, I had a day off, so I got the chance to make some new cards, and post the newest team set.

The 1991 Houston Astros had a bunch of rookies on their team, as they were rebuilding, and they had a ton of players who weren't in the original 1992 Topps set. They are all covered now, as well as the coaches, an Art Howe All-Star card, and a combo card featuring Jeff Bagwell and Craig Biggio (you would be surprised how hard it was to find a photo of them in the old Astros uniform).

As far as what I have been up to in making cards (since I usually post that at the end of a blog post), I have finished the Philadelphia Phillies, Pittsburgh Pirates, and St. Louis Cardinals team sets. I will try to work on the San Diego Padres (another team with many cards missing from the '92 set) and San Francisco Giants team sets tomorrow to finish out the National League. I may also work on a Lee Smith Record Breaker card (he set a NL record for Saves in '91). Thanks for checking out my latest post.