Tuesday, May 22, 2018

1992 Topps #930 Dave Anderson

Dave Anderson played in the Majors from 1983-1992. He spent 1983 through 1989 with the Los Angeles Dodgers, played 1990 and 1991 with the San Francisco Giants, and came back to the Dodgers for his final season in 1992. After his playing career, he spent 2009 through 2013 as a coach for the Texas Rangers.

Dave appeared on Topps cards for most of his career, getting into the 1984 through 1991 Topps sets. He is missing a 1983 Topps Traded, 1990 Topps Traded, 1992 Topps Traded, 1993 Topps card to complete his career Topps run for his playing days. As for coach cards, he is missing cards from the 2010 through 2014 Topps sets. I have covered a few of the missing cards from his playing days, making his 1983 Topps Traded rookie, and 1993 Topps sunset card.

I am close to finishing off the National League in the 1998 Topps set. Just have the Cardinals, Padres, and Giants to go (almost exactly 100 cards). Then on to the AL. Hopefully I can get it done by the end of the year, but I'm not making any promises. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Friday, May 18, 2018

1992 Topps #929 Daryl Irvine

Daryl Irvine pitched in the Majors from 1990 to 1992 with the Boston Red Sox, going 4-5 with a 5.68 ERA.

Daryl got a rookie card with the 1991 Topps set, and that was it for him. He is now just missing a 1993 Topps card to complete his career Topps run.

Sorry about such a quick post, but this week has been a little crazy, today is a little crazy, but I hope to perhaps get some time to do a post or two in the coming week. Thank you for taking the time to read my latest post.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

1992 Topps #928 Gino Minutelli

Gino Minutelli pitched for 3 seasons in the Majors. He spent 1990 and 1991 with the Cincinnati Reds, and 1993 with the San Francisco Giants.

Gino never got any Topps cards in regular sets, but was in 1991 Bowman, 1991 Topps Debut, and 1992 Stadium Club sets. He is, however, one of the few players whom I have completed their Topps run for by making multiple cards. I made his 1991 Topps card as part of my project to give the 1990 World Champion Cincinnati Reds a 1991 Topps card, I have his 1992 Topps card as part of this project, and did his 1994 Topps card when completing the 1994 set. Here are his 1991 and 1994 Topps cards to complete his Topps run.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

1992 Topps #927 Steve Crawford

Steve Crawford pitched in the Majors from 1980 through 1991. He came up in 1980 with the Boston Red Sox, and was with them from 1980 through 1987. He spent the 1983 season in the minors. In 1988, he was in the minors with the Los Angeles Dodgers system, and then spent the last 3 years of his career with the Kansas City Royals in 1989, 1990, and 1991.

Steve got his first Topps card in the 1982 Topps set, and got into every Topps set from 1983 through 1988, only not getting into the 1984 set because he spent 1983 in the minors. He was in the minors in 1988, so no 1989 Topps card, and he was left out of the 1990 Topps set. He got his final Topps card in the 1991 set, and was left off of every major brand set in 1992 besides Score. This 1992 Topps custom would've been Steve's sunset card. Steve is now only missing cards from the 1981 and 1990 Topps sets, and perhaps a 1980 Topps rookie stars card with maybe Wade Boggs???

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Monday, April 9, 2018

1992 Topps #926 Rick Reed

 Rick Reed played in the Majors from 1988 until 2003. He got a good number of cards, but most of them came after he was a replacement player and re-invented himself as a pitcher.  He pitched for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1988 to 1991, the Kansas City Royals in 1992 and part of 1993, the Texas Rangers from part of 1993 to 1994, the Cincinnati Reds in 1995, the New York Mets from 1997 through 2001 when he was traded to the Minnesota Twins during midseason, and played with them through 2003, his final Big League season.

Rick got his first Topps card in 1993. He didn't get into another Topps set until 1998, but after that he appeared in every set through 2004, which was his final Topps card. He is missing cards from the 1989 through 1992 Topps sets, and the 1994 through 1996 Topps sets. I finished his 1992 and 1994 Topps cards, and now he only has the 1989, 1990, 1991, 1995, and 1996 sets that he needs a card from. I will also make a card of him from the 1994 Topps Traded Update set for when he was a replacement player with the Reds. Here is the 1994 Topps regular version I made.
I have a lot of stuff going on right now (most of which you can read about on my other blog), so it may be a while before I post again, but I will keep plugging away at this set.
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Friday, February 16, 2018

1992 Topps #925 Gary Green

Gary Green played in the Majors in 1986, and then again from 1989-1992. He played for the San Diego Padres in 1986 and 1989, the Texas Rangers in 1990 and 1991, and finished his career with the Cincinnati Reds in 1992.

Gary actually got a Topps card way back in 1985, since he was part of the 1984 US Olympic baseball team. His only other Topps card came in the 1991 set. He is missing cards from the 1987, 1990, and 1993 Topps sets after I made his 1992 Topps custom.

I have a lot of card projects going on right now. I am making some customs for 2 different people, working on getting coaches/managers/stadiums completed for the 2018 Topps checklist, and also still plugging away at the 1998 Topps set. Hopefully things will slow down pretty soon, and I'll be able to knock out a bunch of customs in the '98 set. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

Friday, January 26, 2018

1992 Topps #924 Tom Edens

Tom Edens played in the Majors from 1987 through 1995. He got called up to the New York Mets in 1987, saw time in the minors the next 2 years, spent 1990 with the Milwaukee Brewers, played in 1991 for the World Champion Minnesota Twins, stayed with them through 1992. He played for the Houston Astros in 1993 and 1994, was traded to the Philadelphia Phillies at the '94 Trading Deadline. He finished the season with them, and played his last year with the Chicago Cubs in 1995.

Tom only got 2 Topps cards, a 1991 Topps card, and a 1994 Topps card. He is missing cards from the 1988, 1992, 1995, and 1996 Topps sets. This '92 Topps custom crosses one of them off of the list.

I actually met Tom in 1996 while he was in Spring Training with the Kansas City Royals, and he was very nice, signing a softball and a 1994 Topps card for me.  Really wish I would've had more of his cards back then. Here is the softball he signed.

I am almost a week away from going from my first card show, and I have a feeling I will have a bunch of cards after it is over with. Thanks to everyone who answered questions for me on my previous post. I recently worked out a trade with a Mark Canha collector after pulling his 2017 Topps Series 2 printing plate from a pack, and got a number of nice Rays cards and also some PC guys. I will post about that pretty soon. Adam from ARP Smith's Sportscard obsession and Greg from Night Owl Cards have both generously offered to send me some Rays cards. In the next few days, 2018 Topps Series 1 should be out, and I hope to get at least a few packs of it. Finally, even though I have a +/- $20 budget for the card show, I hope to get some nice dime box deals and hopefully get at least 50 or so cards for my PC, Rays, Tigers, Highlights, Refractor/shiny, and rookie card binders. I can't wait to sort through them all.

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