Thursday, December 31, 2015

1992 Topps Mike Christopher

It's been forever since I've added a card with a back on this blog, so I thought I would try to make some and get the project going again. I made the back to Mike Christopher's card today, which is card #823 in the 1992 Topps set. 

Mike's first year in the Majors was 1991, and he got a card in the '92 Topps MLB Debut set, as well as '92 Stadium Club, which pictured him with his new team for 1992, the Cleveland Indians. He was left off of the '92 Topps set, but did appear on a prospect card in the '93 Topps set. I actually got that card signed by him in 1996 when he was in Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers in 1996, his final season. After playing with the Dodgers in '91, he pitched with Cleveland in '92 and '93, and with the Tigers in '95 and '96. He is missing cards in the '94, '96, and '97 Topps sets, so he really only got the prospect card in the '93 set as far as regular base Topps sets are concerned. 

I have been organizing my baseball card binders lately, and upon working on the Giants binder, I discovered I somehow didn't include Eric Gunderson in my set. I will be fixing that and making his card soon, and I'll post it, and hopefully that will be the end of all the omissions in my set. Thanks for checking out the latest 1992 Topps card that never was.