Wednesday, March 18, 2015

And the checklist just got bigger....

A few days ago Paul, one of my readers, suggested that I add any players who were on the Disabled List the entire 1991 season to my set. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. I had always seen on Todd Worrell's 1993 Topps card that he was on the DL in 1991, but never put it together that he didn't appear in the 1992 Topps set. Paul named off the players that were on the DL in 1991, and I'm glad he did, as I had assumed that most of those players had retired in 1990, when in fact, they had missed the 1991 season due to injury, and had played in 1992. While I was trying to do some research on what teams those players were on in 1991, I discovered that I had missed a few players on the San Francisco Giants. So, I added those players to the checklist, and decided (maybe against better judgement) to add "team combo" cards for the rest of the league (I had already made ones for the Cardinals, Padres, Giants, Angels, and Tigers). I will probably have to edit the back of the last checklist in the set, but that should be pretty simple. After all that, the full 1992 Topps set, including ones I have added will jump to 1339 cards.

I finished a few cards today, and now all of the All-Star cards are done, and every Postseason Highlight card is done except for the Minnesota Twins celebration card. I will probably start on the Award Winner cards next, then the League Presidents/Commissioner, Twins celebrations, and 2 final Season Highlight cards, then start on the team combo cards. I hope that won't take too long, because I really want to get back to work on all of the team sets. Thanks to Paul for helping me find some players that I missed, and thanks to everyone who reads my blog.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Subsets: What I've done so far

After finishing team sets of the Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, and Minnesota Twins, I decided to step away from teams sets for a little while and finish all of the subset card fronts. I am still about 15 cards away from finishing them all, but I have got all of the World Series Highlight cards done, have 2 more Season Highlight cards to do, and 2 more All-Star cards to do. After those, I just have some Award cards, League Presidents and Commissioner cards, and I should be done with all of the subsets. I am in the process of moving, so this might take longer than normal, but I hope to have all of the subsets done by at least mid-April, and then start finishing team sets, starting in the National League, and going from the Chicago Cubs to the San Francisco Giants, and then the AL, going from the Baltimore Orioles, all the way through the Toronto Blue Jays, finishing all of the fronts in the set. Then will come the tough part of making backs, but at least I will have a picture of all of the fronts. Might even do a post showing the fronts of all of the cards in the set. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for checking out my blog.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

1992 Topps Detroit Tiger team set

I decided to try to finish making the team set of my favorite team, the Detroit Tigers. I thought it would be pretty easy, but I was proven wrong by John Moses, and the coaches. I couldn't find a picture of John Moses in a Tiger unifor anywhere, and no baseball cards exist of him as a Tiger, so I had to paste a hat and a Tiger logo on a Seattle Mariners uniform of him. I was able to find pictures of all 6 of the Tiger coaches, but unfortunately, for 4 of them, the only ones I could find were really small, and the looked all grainy when I enlarged them. Problems aside, every person that appeared in a game for the Detroit Tigers in 1991 now has a 1992 Topps card.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Cards #793-940, the fronts

I've done a ton of cards in the last few days, and I finally finished the fronts to all of the cards on the first checklist of my extended 1992 Topps set. To celebrate, I'm posting all of the fronts of the cards I have done so far.

While making some of the latest cards, I realized that O-Pee-Chee made some cards in their 1992 set to replace the All-Star cards in the '92 Topps set. For players in my set that already had an OPC card, I just used their OPC card and replaced the OPC logo with a Topps one. I did make an extra version of the Matt Young and Al Leiter cards, which I may post at a later time.

I also made extra versions on the John Ramos and Rod Beck 1992 Topps Gold checklist replacement cards, but I posted versions where I used the '92 Topps Gold photo and covered up the gold foil on the name/team bar. For the Terry Mathews card and the other checklist replacements I haven't done, I will only have the gold picture version. I hope you have found this post to be entertaining, and hope that you saw a player that you really wanted to pull a Topps card of in 1992.

On a side note, I know that there are a lot of through-the-mail and in-person autograph collectors that like to make custom cards, and if any of the cards I have made interest you, let me know, and I will be happy to try to print them out for you to get signed. Just leave me a comment and I'll get back to you. Also, if you have any questions or comments, let me know as well. Thanks for checking out my custom work.