Sunday, September 6, 2015

Latest update on my custom '92 Topps set

Today I finished 18 coach cards, which got me through the New York Yankees set. I only have 4 more teams in the American League to make cards for, and once I finish them, I should be home free, since I previously made coach cards for all of the National League teams, only to have them get deleted. Only 1 problem, though. I did some research on the coaches from 1991 just to make sure I had all of them. Unfortunately, I was missing a few. I also decided to make cards for managers who were fired mid-season as long as they didn't get a '92 Topps card (since they technically did appear in 1991, similar to someone who was released in the same year).
So this brings me to almost 1365 cards in the set now with about 75 more to make. And I have pictures for all of them except for the new ones (which I haven't tried searching for yet). I'm getting really excited as this thing should be finished within next month or two and I can visually see all of the new cards from #793-1365 or so. Makes me want to figure out how to print them or find someone who can so I can put them in 18 pocket sleeves along with the complete regular 1992 Topps set. I used to collect autographs and I was trying to get the 1992 Topps set signed. I was maybe 150 or so cards away from completing the autographed set, and part of me wonders how difficult it would've been to get the set done had my custom set existed. I really think my set will look great with the regular '92 set and it just motivates me to get it done. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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