Wednesday, August 26, 2015

1992 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates team set

I decided to deviate from posting the cards in numerical order just this once and post the complete 1992 Topps Pittsburgh Pirates team set. Matt from Battlin' Bucs recently made some sweet Superfractor customs, and when I commented on his post, he replied that he thought that finishing the 1992 Topps set was a great idea and that he is working on doing customs to finish all the Pirates missing from Topps sets. I decided that since I only had 3 more cards to do plus coaches of the Bucs, that I would finish the Pirates set. Most of them are decent looking except for the Huismann (had to colorize a black and white photo) and Jeff Schulz (no Pirates photo to use). While going over my master checklist, I realize that somewhere, I had missed 5 cards (#s 985-989), so I finished those as well as the Pirates set. I will post them sometime in the future along with cards 1077 through whatever I get up to. Hoping to finish the master set of all the players to leave only the coaches left to do.
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