Thursday, April 16, 2015

1992 Topps Minnesota Twins team set

I know it's long, but I decided that since the checklist is complete (hopefully), that I would put every card with a Minnesota Twin on it in my '92 Topps Twins set. After all, they did win the World Championship that year. Most of the Twin players got cards in the set that year. The only people missing were a few relievers (Willis, Casian, Edens), a rookie (Brown), a player on his last leg in the Bigs (Castillo), a #1 Draft Pick (McCarty), and the coaches. The ALCS Highlights, World Sereis Highlights, and Award Winner cards were just icing on the cake, as well as the extra Puckett team combo card and the Tom Kelly All-Star.

The Atlanta Braves and Chicago Cubs team sets are done, and I will post them next, and possibly start on the Cincinnati Reds team set next week. Thanks for checking out my customs.

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