Saturday, April 11, 2015

Team Combo cards are done!

After a good amount of work, I can finally say that all of the subset cards in my custom 1992 Topps set are done. I finished the last of the "team combo" cards yesterday, and after an issue with my password, was unable to upload them to Blogger. I resolved it today, and uploaded them, and now you can see all of the team combo cards for every team in 1991. Next up will be the Chicago Cubs team set. After all of the team sets are done, I will probably make a post featuring all of the fronts of the cards in the set in numerical order, and then start making backs to the cards, and posting them one by one. I really think that once I start posting backs of the cards that it will make my stats jump alot. I've had a few hits on searches with keywords like 'Terry Puhl Royals' or '1992 Topps Mike Piazza', so I look forward to hopefully seeing traffic increase and being able to help out bloggers and card collectors who would like to make or print cards like these. Thanks for checking out my blog project.

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