Monday, May 9, 2016

Just a few more!!

I thought I would never say it, but after the backs I've done today, I am only 3 backs away from having the 1992 Topps set officially complete!  Just need to make a back for Butch Davis, Carl Nichols, and Sergio Valdez. I have toyed with the idea of making an award winner card for the Managers of the Year, but that shouldn't be too hard, so at the very most, there are only 5 cards left, and I should be able to knock them out no problem on Wednesday morning. If it isn't too hard, I then plan on doing a post with every card front and back in numerical order. I never thought it would be possible to actually complete a set, especially one from 20+ years ago. I've learned a lot, found out about some players I never knew about, and I've had a lot of fun doing it. Surprised it didn't take longer, but I've worked really hard on getting as many cards done as I can, and once the templates for the cards were done, it was a lot easier.

What will I do after this?  Probably work on my other blog some, probably work on giving a bunch of favorite or admired players a complete Topps run. Will I ever do another complete Topps set again?  I don't know. The '92 set was a lot of work, but maybe I will dabble with an easier set someday. '94 could be pretty easy, '99 could be too. The problem is that with most sets after 1992 is that they have some type of photo on the back, and some of these players were left off of the set because they didn't play much, leading me to believe that there are very few photos, if any. I would enjoy doing the fronts to the 1993 set, but if I am making a complete set, I really want backs so it will look like they are cards from the set. With random customs, I don't care. But for a complete set, I want them to go along with the set and look so close to the real thing that if I were to put them in a cardboard box or a binder and show them to a fellow collector that they would think they were cards out of the regular set. So that pretty much takes the '93 set out of the question. Maybe the 1990 set?  Possibly. It could be pretty easy. I just never followed baseball close enough to know most of the players until the early-mid '90's?, so the players in the 1990 set were a little before my time so there isn't really a connection there. All in all, 1992 was the perfect set. It was the first one I bought packs of, it has many players I remember seeing play, the backs are nice and newer, and I love the way the fronts look too.

I'm open to other ideas too, but for now, I'll just stick to doing custom fronts on my other blog once I finish the '92 set. Thanks for checking out the latest post and stay tuned between Wednesay and Friday for the post of the whole set.

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