Tuesday, October 11, 2016

1992 Topps #882 Greg Smith

Greg Smith played 3 years in the Majors. He came up in 1989 with the Cubs, played with them in 1990, was traded to the Dodgers in December of that year, and then played 5 games for them in 1991.
After his career, he became a scout.
Greg is on a 2-player rookie card in the 1990 Fleer set, sharing his with Auburn alum, former San Francisco Giant,  and Favorite Player of mine Stu Tate. I actually had a copy that was autographed by both after I had sent it in the mail to each player and received it back both times signed, but I think I sold it when I downsized a bunch of my autograph collection. I'll have to try to get a signed copy again.

Smith only has 1 Topps card, a 1991 version. He appeared in the 1990 Topps Debut set, but was left off of the main set, which seems strange, because he was considered a prospect for the Cubs back then. Greg is only missing his 1990 Topps rookie card after I made this 1992 Topps custom.

According to his Wikipedia page, it says Greg was homecoming king at his high school in 1985. It's kind of crazy the stuff I have learned about players while doing research for posts, and I will try to pass some along as I find it.

I'm still working on templates for the 2000 Topps set, and I should finish it by the end of this week and then move on to the '89 Topps set. I'll try to post every single template that I have in the next month before baby comes so if you want to try to do a custom set like this one that you will have some templates to help get you started. No softball game last night, I guess because of the rain. I might just have to end up finishing the season with the .667 Batting Average. If we get 2-3 more rainouts, it will be time for baby, and by the time I'm ready to play again, the season should almost be over. If only I would've swung at that last pitch, maybe I'd have a 1.000 Average for the season!  Next year!  Thanks for checking out my latest custom.

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