Monday, October 24, 2016

1992 Topps #885 Al Leiter

I usually post new cards from my phone while I'm on lunch at work, and today our internet is going slow as all get out, and I'm going to try to get this post up before my hour is up, but who knows. 

Al Leiter pitched for 19 seasons in the Majors, starting with the Yankees in 1987. He pitched with them until April 1989, and was traded to the Blue Jays. Al played with the Jays through 1995, winning the 1992 and 1993 World Series with them. He signed with the Marlins in 1996, and was with them in 1997 for their World Series title.  In 1998, he signed with the Mets,  and was with them until the end of the 2004 season. 2005 was his final year in the Majors, and he spent it with the Marlins and Yankees. Al finished his career with a 162-132 record, 3 World Series rings, and a no-hitter. Not too shabby. 

Al got into his first Topps set in 1988, which has 2 versions, an error with minor leaguer Steve George pictured, and a corrected version with Leiter's photo on it. 1988 Topps Cards does a nice write up on the 2 cards. Al appeared in the 1989-1991 Topps sets, then was left out of the 1992 and 1993 sets. He got a regular card in the 1994 set, and was in the 1995 Topps Traded set. He is missing from the '96 set, but got Topps cards from the 1997 set through the 2005 set. He also got in the '05 Topps Traded set. Al didn't get a sunset card in 2006, but one of my readers, Richard made his '06 card, and he also made his '93 Topps card, which are shown here.

Al is just missing a card from the 1996 Topps sets after this '92 Topps custom and Richard's '93 Topps and  '06 Topps customs. Al actually got a '92 O-Pee-Chee card, which I used for this one, just changing the logos out.

Well, I finished the post and it hasn't crapped out on me yet. I'm hoping to work on some more templates tonight. I'll finish the '89 Topps customs, and with help from reader Paul B., I should have the checklist for the '89 Topps set finished as well. Thanks for checking out my latest post. 

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  1. It threw me off for a moment because, as a Jays collector, I remember seeing a 1992 Al Leiter in Topps format.. But it was OPC..