Monday, August 18, 2014

1992 Topps Jim Vatcher

Jim Vatcher played 3 seasons in the Major Leagues. Topps gave him a card in their 1991 set (card #196), and the 1991 Topps Debut set (card #159). He didn't get a card in the 1992 or 1993 sets. Jim was involved in the trade that sent Dale Murphy from the Atlanta Braves to the Philadelphia Phillies in 1990. The Braves got Jim, Jeff Parrett, and Victor Rosario , and the Phillies got Tommy Greene, Murphy. I don't know what the Braves were thinking with that trade. Parrett was near the end of his career, Greene was a promising pitcher, and then they put Vatcher, probably the best player they got in the trade, on waivers, and he got picked up by the San Diego Padres. This is another reason why the National League needs a Designated Hitter. Dale Murphy could've played DH, a spot would've opened up in the outfield for David Justice, and maybe, just maybe, the Braves would've won the 1991 World Series, and Murphy would've got a ring. Anyways, here is Jim Vatcher's 1992 Topps card.

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