Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fronts, Cards #857-875

Got up to card #875 finished today. Only 17 more cards, and I will have added 100 to the set. Some ones that gave me trouble today were the Danny Heep and the Shane Turner. I could only find 1 photo of Danny Heep in an Atlanta Braves uniform, and it was very small, so it came out all grainy when I enlarged it. Shane Turner didn't have any cards or photos showing him in a Baltimore Orioles uniform. I found a card with him in a minor league uniform that had similar colors to the Orioles ones, and had to cut a hat off of a Brady Anderson card and paste it onto Turner. As you can probably tell, it didn't work that well. I know I will probably have more problems like this in the set, but hopefully it won't happen too much.

On the bright side, a few players like Rich Sauveur, Paul Zuvella, and Jeff Plympton were successes. Sauveur only had a few New York Mets cards, and I had to paste a Mets logo on his cap, and I think it turned out fine. I only found 1 photo of Zuvella in a Kansas City Royals uni, and it wasn't big enough to use. I did find him in a Minor League Royals uniform, so I just switched the logo on the cap, and it worked great. Plympton had a bunch of photos, and I just did a little editing on his cap to make it look like a Boston "B". I'll probably do a few more fronts tomorrow, then I'm off on Friday, so I'll do some more, and do a big post then, hopefully getting past card #900. Thanks for checking out the new cards.


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