Monday, March 2, 2015

Fronts, Cards #842-856

I was able to do some more fronts today, and get up to card #856. Not much when you still have to get to card #1206, but I feel as if I'm making progress on the fronts, at least, and that maybe one day in late 2015 or sometime in 2016 I will have completed at least the fronts of the set. Some of the ones I did today were pretty hard. The Dean Wilkins was in black and white, and was the only photo I could find of him in a Houston Astros uniform. I tried following a tutorial on colorizing photos on GIMP, and after trying 3 times, it still wouldn't work. I found a recoloring program that I could use for free for 30 days, and it made what you see now on the card. Not that good, but it did the job. I think I might try to re-download GIMP and try again with the decolorizing when I have some free time. I am almost done with the front of the first checklist, and hope to finish it next time I make some customs. I also might make a post of the cards together on pages, kind of like a "virtual binder". Thanks for checking out the latest cards I've done.


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