Monday, March 16, 2015

Subsets: What I've done so far

After finishing team sets of the Atlanta Braves, Detroit Tigers, and Minnesota Twins, I decided to step away from teams sets for a little while and finish all of the subset card fronts. I am still about 15 cards away from finishing them all, but I have got all of the World Series Highlight cards done, have 2 more Season Highlight cards to do, and 2 more All-Star cards to do. After those, I just have some Award cards, League Presidents and Commissioner cards, and I should be done with all of the subsets. I am in the process of moving, so this might take longer than normal, but I hope to have all of the subsets done by at least mid-April, and then start finishing team sets, starting in the National League, and going from the Chicago Cubs to the San Francisco Giants, and then the AL, going from the Baltimore Orioles, all the way through the Toronto Blue Jays, finishing all of the fronts in the set. Then will come the tough part of making backs, but at least I will have a picture of all of the fronts. Might even do a post showing the fronts of all of the cards in the set. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for checking out my blog.


  1. I'm glad you are keeping this up. My skills in making cards are nowhere near your level, I have made generic backs out of a spreadsheet. If you are looking for suggestions for more cards to add would be players who missed the season on the D.L. (John Farrell, Jeff Kunkel, Todd Worrell, Frank DiPino, Steve Ontiveros, Mark Grant (In OPC), Darren Reed and Moises Alou (In traded). If you ever wanted to do the rookie/traded set, let me know and I can give you the players. Also, I have found out a list of any player from 82-94 who doesn't have a final trite/career stats card (Not necesarlly Topps.)

  2. Paul, that is a great idea to do all of the people who were on the DL in '91. I totally forgot that Worrell missed the season and most of the other guys I had assumed retired or were in the minors in '91. I made the Mark Grant card using the OPC card and changing the logo, and since Alou appeared in the traded set, I don't see a need to give him another card. I probably won't do a Traded/Rookies set right now just because it is going to be probably a decade or so of work to even finish the backs on the regular set, but who knows, down the road I may make it.
    On other thing, I think some of the list you have are impressive. I would definitely like to have the list of all the players on the Disabled List in 1991 as well as the one of the players who never got a final card (this could help me on my other blog). If I ever have the time I would love to compile a complete list of customs that people have made in Topps sets. Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the great ideas.