Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Cards 942-945

So I am starting over from scratch, and have decided to do the cards in numerical order for the time being. The first 4 cards I have done are of Hector Fajardo, Barry Lyons, Francisco de la Rosa, and Brad Komminsk. I figured Komminsk would be tough as I didn't know he was an Oakland Athletic, but fortunately for me, he had a card in 1992 Score featuring him as an A. About 10 years ago when Komminsk was a coach in the Cleveland Indians oragnization, I got to golf with him. A friend from church had an open spot in his company's golf charity during Spring Training, and he invited me to play. Many players and coaches from the Cleveland Indians and Detroit Tigers Major and Minor Leagues were there. I didn't hit any really good shots, and if I can remember correctly Komminsk might have hit 1 or 2. He was nice, and we talked about the '80's Atlanta Braves, Pascual Perez, and his time with the Indians. He signed some cards for me, and a year later in Spring Training, he recognized me and we chatted some between practices. Wish the Indians still trained in Winter Haven and he was still a coach. I would show him his '92 Topps card.

Slowly but surely, I will get more team templates checked off, and more of the set done. And yes, I did save them to my hard drive. Thanks for reading.

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