Thursday, June 18, 2015

Cards 947-955

Todays cards bring us up to card #955. I'm slowly making a little headway, and I'm sure it will be alot easier once I have templates to all 26 teams done again, but for now it's make them as I need them. Card #950 was Rick Dempsey, a longtime catcher, who was one of 3 players to play in the '60's, '70's, '80's, and '90's (Carlton Fisk and Nolan Ryan were the others). I feel pretty old because probably in the next few years, we will see the last player to play in the '90's retire, and I got into baseball in the early '90's, so it's like part of my childhood will be gone. I wish players played for 25 years like some of them did decades ago.

I have a few players coming up that it will be interesting finding pictures for (Josias Manzanillo-Boston, Scott Lusader-Yankees, Denny Walling-Rangers, Nelson Liriano-Royals, and Mauro "Goose" Gozzo-Indians). I believe Walling will have a Mothers Cookies card, Lusader might have a few Yankees card, and Manzanillo might have made it in the '92 Topps Debut set, but the others might be tricky. As you can see, the Bill Long card needed a bunch of changes, and I did the best I could. Thanks for checking out the latest cards. Next ones should be up next week sometime.


  1. Sorry I didn't check sooner. Manzanillo was in the 92 Score set as well as debut. Lusader should be in 91 Bowman, no 92s I know of. Don't know of the others.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Manzanillo and Lusader. I did some preliminary searches on the others and found images for them. I honestly think with all the card sets that were out there in the early '90's that I should be able to find images of everyone I need including coaches.