Saturday, March 12, 2016

1992 Topps Gary Wayne

Gary Wayne pitched in the Bigs from 1989-1994. He only got Topps cards in the '90, '91, and '93 Traded sets. He was part of the 1991 Minnesota Twins World Championship team, but only appeared in 8 games, which is probably why he didn't get a '92 card. He was a decent reliever and got some good Save and ERA totals in the Minors. He is a good ttm signer, so if you feel up to it, try to print this card and see if he likes it and let me know. I would love to know what some players think of my customs.

I did a few backs today, and am up to card #1022. I had a strange one today. I did the back for Warren Cromartie, who played for the Royals in 1991. He had played in the Majors in 1974, 1976-1983, and in 1991. In between 1983 and 1991, he spent 7 seasons in Japan, so there were 7 columns of stats that just read "Played in Japan". Haven't seen anything like that in any Topps set before.  Hope you are enjoying my slow completion of the 1992 Topps set and find some of the facts I am giving to be insightful. Thanks for checking out the latest card.

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