Friday, March 18, 2016

1992 Topps Rod Brewer

Rod Brewer played in MLB from 1990-1993 with the Cardinals. The only regular edition Topps card he received was in the 1993 set. He did appear in the 1991 Topps Debut set and a few Stadium Club issues. This would've been his 2nd Topps card had Topps included him in the '91 set as a rookie.

I never knew that he lived in Florida. I've heard a few co-workers mentioning Eustis like it's near where I live, and turns out it is about an hour away. I vaguely remember going to a Spring Training game in 1993 in Lakeland. The Tigers were taking on the Cardinals, and a fellow autograph seeker left their binder open on the ground, and I remember seeing a '93 Topps Rod Brewer card. Can't remember if it was signed or not, but that is my first memory of Rod Brewer. If I were a little older, I would've probably had a card or two of Rod and maybe got it signed, but I was 10 and didn't realize that you have to show up around 10 AM for a 1 PM game in order to get autographs of the visiting team, 6 AM for the home team. My parents would've never gone for that unless I could drive myself.

I did about 15 backs yesterday and am up to card #1044. Not sure when I'll get to work on some more. We are house sitting (boo!!!) for the next few days and the only day off this week is on Tuesday and I'll probably be at a doctors appointment for most of the day. So is life when you are an adult...

Thanks for checking out my latest custom 1992 Topps card.

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