Thursday, March 24, 2016

Where my 1992 Topps set stands now

I was able to go through the 1991 MLB rosters yesterday and make sure I had every coach in my set. It created a few problems, but I think I may have solved them. When I first started making the set, I used a search query of "1991 Atlanta Braves coaches" or something similar to that and did it for each team, changing the team name. It would mostly bring me to the Wikipedia page for that team in 1991. Many times, it brought me to the roster (with the coaches listed) on the team page, other times it didn't, leading me to believe the page didn't have a roster listed. If that happened, I would go to the MLB page and they had a list of coaches for teams for their entirety. While I thought this would solve the problem, it led me to add some cards of coaches who didn't coach in 1991. I even created 2 cards for Tom Spencer (Astros and Mets) somehow. So now I have a list of coaches who I need to take out of the set, so I need to replace those cards with new ones (probably just take cards already at the end of the set, and give them numbers of cards they replaced).  I'll also need to change the checklists to reflect this. With all that being said, I'm pretty sure all the cards I've made so far are correct.

The other problem I found is that some teams have coaches who started the season as a coach and were promoted to manager later in the year. I believe I will list those cards with a coach/manager designation in front and back and possibly try to include at least their 1991 managerial record on it, since I want to reflect every stat from the 1991 season. Hal McRae presents a unique situation, as he started the year as a coach for the Expos, and ended the year as the Royals manager.  I think I will just leave him out of the set since Topps gave him a manager card in the regular set. Also I will probably do the same for Buck Rodgers, who started the year as Expos manager and ended as the Angels manager (since Topps included his stats for both teams on his card).

So aside from those hiccups, I think I have everything ready to go. I want to list every coach type (pitching, hitting, bench, bullpen, etc.), and a few teams Wiki page didn't have them, but I believe I should be able to do research on the individual coaches and fill that in possibly by the rule of elimination. I might do that on my next day off as well as go through every MLB 1991 roster and make sure one last time that I've included every player. Thank for checking out the latest update on my set.

Edit- I went through the rosters today and I have 7 players which I'm not sure were included in the set. Once I have a chance, I will check my sheet with the team rosters from my set and double check. Those players I have listed as needing a card are Carl Nichols-Astros, Butch Davis-Dodgers, Julio Valera-Mets, Sergio Valdez-Indians, Mike York-Mets, and Torey Lovullo-Yankees. I'm positive I don't have Davis or Nichols in the set. The others, I just can't picture their card if I had made it. Once I look through my list, I will make those cards I need, get the numbers straight 1 last time, and finalize the final checklist. 

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