Thursday, July 21, 2016

1992 Topps #866 Mike Stanley

I don't know how Mike Stanley didn't get into the '92 Topps set. Rangers catchers Ivan Rodriguez and Geno Petralli got into it, and Stanley was a solid #2 catcher at that point, who would start to post some 20+ Home Run seasons in the coming years. 

Mike began his Major League career in 1986 with the Rangers. He went to the Yankees in 1992 and stayed with them through 1995. He spent 1996 and the first part of 1997 with the Red Sox before going back to the Yankees. The first part of 1998 was spent with the Blue Jays, and then it was back to the Red Sox. Stanley played with them again in 1999, before finishing his career with the Oakland A's in 2001. He spent the 2002 season with the Red Sox as their bench coach before resigning to spend more time with his family. 

Mike appeared on many Topps cards during his career, only missing cards in the '92 set (got it!), the 1998 set, and the 1999 set. Unlike many players, he actually got a sunset card (2001). It should be noted that he got All-Star subset cards in the '94 and '95 sets.  He is also missing a coach card in the 2003 set. I think I'm going to go back on previous posts (and ones from my other blog), and add them to my growing list of cards that Topps missed out on making. From there, I will start slowly making them on my other blog. 

I'll have a little free time tomorrow morning to work on customs. Maybe I'll even do the '92 Scott Brosius to finally finish the set for real. Thanks for checking out the latest card in the '92 Topps set.

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