Sunday, September 4, 2016

1992 Topps #873 Wayne Edwards

Wayne Edwards played in the Big Leagues for 3 years, all with the White Sox. He got into 7 games in 1989, 42 in 1990, and 13 in '91.  He spent '92 in AAA, and isn't shown to have played anywhere in 1993. He played in AAA in '94 and '95 before spending 1 final season in single-A ball in 1996. 

Edwards got into the '90 Topps Traded set, and appeared in the '91 regular set. He missed the 1992 set, but did appear in the 1992 O-Pee-Chee set. I used the front and back of the OPC card to make this one. This card completes Wayne's career Topps run.

It should also be noted that even though he didn't pitch in the Majors in 1992 that his name did appear on the back of a 1993 Topps card. On Jack McDowell's card back it says that McDowell, Edwards, and minor league pitcher Lee Plemel  were members of a rock band called VIEW. I found a little info about the band online. Apparently McDowell played guitar and sang lead, Plemel played bass, and Edwards was the drummer. They released 2 albums and disbanded in 1992. Here's the back of the '93 McDowell.
In 8 days, it will be full-on crazy in my household. We will hopefully have just closed on our first house, we will be 1 week closer to welcoming our first child in mid-November, and I will be lacing up my spikes again to play for my church's softball team. I did decent last year, going 9-29 (.310), scoring 5 runs, and driving in 7 RBIs and drawing 1 walk. I got better as the season wore on, and if not for a 2 game slump, I would probably have batted closer to .400. If I can just be consistent this year and keep improving with making contact and fielding, I think I can be a valuable player and maybe hit closer to .400 and play multiple positions in the field. Time will tell, and I will keep you updated. Thanks as always for checking out my latest post.

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