Wednesday, September 21, 2016

1992 Topps #877 Tim McIntosh

Tom McIntosh was a top prospect for the Brewers in the early '90's. He made his debut in 1990 with the Brew Crew and  stayed with them until the first few days of the 1993 season. He was selected off waivers by the Expos and finished the '93 season with them. He stayed in the minors in 1994, played the 1995 season in Japan, and played his final season with the Yankees in 1996.
I got to meet Tim a few years ago when he was a minor league coach. He signed a few cards for me and talked about his time with the Yankees. He said he didn't get a ring in 1996 (even though he was part of the club that won the World Series that year), but that he still respected George Steinbrenner. That really surprised me because if I didn't get a ring, I would be pissed, and I would probably blame the top, which would've been ol' Pennybags Steinbrenner. The fact that Tim was so nice made me even more sad that he didn't get a ring and didn't get much of a shot in the Majors.

Tim appeared on a 1991 Topps future stars subset card, was skipped in 1992, and got in the 1993 set, which was his final Topps card. He is missing from the '92, '94, and '97 sets. This 1992 Topps custom leaves Tim with only 2 cards needing to be made to complete his career Topps run.

My softball game got rained out on Monday, which sucks, because it was a doubleheader, but I guess it was ok, because my Batting Average is still 1.000 for another week. The closing date got pushed back on our house due to them needing some papers that might take 10 days to get in their hands. Now we are scheduled to close on the 28th and have to be out of the apartment by the 1st. Not looking forward to the short deadline, but I think we can do it. We have a baby shower on Sunday, and couple that with the entire bakery being on sale at work, and I'm about ready to go crazy. Just 1 more month, and hopefully we'll be moved in, people will be back from vacation at work, and I will have some normalcy in my life. I'll keep making customs when I can. Thanks for checking out my latest one.

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