Tuesday, September 27, 2016

1992 Topps #879 Erik Pappas

Erik Pappas played in the Majors for 3 years. He got his first taste of Big League action in 1991 with the Cubs. He got into 7 games that year, and spent 1992 in the minors. He got back to the Majors in 1993 with the Cardinals, and played his final season with them in 1994. 

Erik has 2 Topps issues, coming in the 1993 Topps Traded and 1994 Topps sets.  It's kind of strange that Topps got him into the '93 Traded set even though he didn't appear in the Majors in 1992.  He needs a 1992 Topps card, and a 1995 Topps card to complete his career Topps run. Erik actually appears on a number of Topps brand cards, including a '91 Bowman, '92 Stadium Club, '92 Topps Debut, '94 Topps Finest, and '94 Stadium Club issue. This custom gives Erik his '92 Topps card, and only leaves him with a '95 Topps card needing to complete his career Topps run.

I actually remember when I was 9 pulling a '92 Stadium Club Pappas from a pack. My family was in Michigan for my Aunt Mary Jo's wedding, and we stopped at Meijers, the local grocery store to get something. I convinced my parents to get me 2 packs of '92 Stadium Club, and the Pappas was one of the cards I pulled. I liked looking at the backs of the cards and seeing the rookie cards. I thought the Topps debut cards were so cool, but I was never able to get any of them because I was so young and didn't know that a hobby store would probably have them. Eventually, I got some Topps debut cards from a few repacks, as well as COMC, and I still have the '92 Stadium Club Pappas in my Cubs binder.

We should officially close on the house tomorrow, and hopefully everything will get squared away in the next few weeks. My posts might slow down a little, especially the ones from my laptop, but I can always post from my phone while on lunch at work. In other news, my softball team got blown out 15-5, and I went 1-2, with a single in the 3rd, and a strikeout looking in the 6th. I fouled off 2 pitches, and the next one looked close to me, and I thought it might be a little inside and high, but it came down, and I watched it cross the corner of the plate as it was too late. The ump took a while to call the pitch, and a few teammates thought it was a bad call, but I guess I'm ok with it and am a little disappointed that I didn't swing. I'm no longer batting 1.000, but hey, .667 isn't bad. I got to play the first inning of the game in right field, and a ball was hit to me, and I started drifting back, and the ball kept going back, and if I had ran back instead of backpedaling, I might have had a chance, but I think in the end that the ball ended up going a few feet behind my glove. I did make it into the stat book later in the inning, by registering a clean Chance as a ball got by the first baseman and I cleanly fielded it and got it back to the cutoff man.  We have a doubleheader next week, so hopefully I can get a few hits, score my first run of the season, and get my first RBI. Thanks for checking out my latest custom.

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