Tuesday, February 9, 2016

1992 Topps Mike Humphreys

Mike Humphreys is the latest card in the set. He never appeared in any main Topps sets during his playing career, but did get a '92 Topps Debut card, a '92 Stadium Club card, and a '93 Team Stadium Club card. He appeared in Donruss, Fleer, Pinnacle, Score, and Upper Deck sets in '92, but for some reason, didn't get a Topps card.

Mike played in 25 games in '91, 4 in '92, and 25 in '93 which was his last season. He did manage to hit a Home Run in '93. This 1992 Topps card would've been his rookie card, and first of 3 he would get if Topps put him in their base sets. He put up some good power numbers in each of his first 3 Minor League seasons, so you would figure he would've appeared in the '92 set, especially after getting a Bowman card in 1991 and getting a '92 card from every major brand except for Topps and Bowman.

I had to fix the front of this card after I was doing research and realized I spelled his last name incorrectly. Or maybe I should've left it and made it some special SP card and it could've been like some of the gimmicky crap Topps is giving us 24 years later.

I'm slowly but surely making backs to the set. I'll probably make a few Thursday or Friday. Next up will be a player I met during one of his last years in the Bigs and a good candidate to get a managerial job in the future. Thanks for checking out the latest card.

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