Thursday, February 4, 2016

1992 Topps Jose Escobar

Card number 834 in my custom 1992 Topps set belongs to Indians infielder Jose Escobar. Jose started playing professional ball in 1979 and finally made it to the Majors for the first time in 1991. It would be his last pro season. I couldn't find much about his career, but from the looks of it, I'm assuming he was a no hit, good fielding middle infielder.

Jose had only 2 cards in major brands during his career, a '91 Bowman and a card in the '92 Topps Debut set. He does have a variety of Minor League cards. This card would've been his first and only Topps card as he only spent 1991 in the Bigs. 

I got a few packs (3 regular and 1 jumbo) of 2016 Topps yesterday and did ok. Got a few First Pitch inserts and pulled a jersey card of Corey Kluber (who went to college at Stetson University in DeLand, Florida just a few blocks away from my apartment). I did a post on my other blog with pictures if you want to see it. Thanks for checking out the latest card.


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