Friday, January 29, 2016

1992 Topps Reggie Harris

Reggie Harris is the next card in my attempt to complete the 1992 Topps set. He made his MLB debut in 1990 and received a card in the '91 Topps set, but no cards the rest of his career, which spanned all the way to 1999. He pitched with Oakland in '91, didn't make it back up to the Majors until '96 with the Red Sox. He spent '97 with the Phillies, '98 with the Astros, and '99 with the Brewers, his last year in the Bigs. Another case of a reliever not getting cards in a Topps set, although the small number of games played in '91 may have had a factor in why he wasn't in the 1992 set.

Many cards in the '92 Topps set had parts of players overlap the actual nameplate sometimes. Card #1, Nolan Ryan comes to mind immediately, and I believe Frank Tanana was another. I tried to do the same on this card with the baseball overlapping a tiny bit. It's a strange nuance of the '92 set (kind of like players overlapping the borders in the '91 Topps set), and Topps took it a step further in the '92 set, with some players/equipment even overlapping parts of the Topps logo (Jim Leyland). I've tried to stay true to that while making my customs, so if you pay attention to detail, you can see things like that in many of the cards I will make in the set.

I'll probably not make as many backs as I have been doing just so I can relax and get other things done with my free time, so I may very well not finish the entire set by the end of 2016, which I was hoping to do, but maybe sometime in 2017 (the 25th anniversary of the 1992 set), and hopefully by then I will have figured out some way to print out the cards and put them in a nice binder with the rest of the set (regular and Traded), and officially complete the 1992 Topps set. I would love to see what Topps would think of this project (as long as they are ok with me using their designs/etc.). I would love to see Topps go all out and produce a complete 2016 set with every person that put on a uniform in 2015 in the set. If they sold it online, they could really just copy and paste photos into a design and give a deadline for orders, then really just print the exact number of sets ordered and save all kinds of money and give some of the collectors who aren't in it for the money a small taste of what they want.

Only a few more days until 2016 Topps is live. Can't wait to check it out and I hope you pull your favorite teams/players/and some good inserts. Thanks for checking out my latest post.

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