Friday, April 1, 2016

1992 Topps Mike Scott

Mike Scott was a great pitcher during his career. He won 20 games, pitched a no-hitter, and almost led the Astros to the World Series in 1986. He recieved Topps cards for every year in his career, except for a sunset card. He only played in 2 games in 1991, but I think it still would've been fitting for Topps to put him in the 1992 set. Had he pitched a few more season and put up numbers like in his all-star seasons, we might be talking about him along with Jack Morris as players who should be in the Hall of Fame. This is the 2nd "star number" card in my set. #800 Dave Parker was the first. 

I finished the back to card #1103 today. I think I might just go ahead and finish all the backs to the manager cards next time I have a day off. They are difficult to do just because Baseball-Reference doesn't list the win totals for managers if the managed a partial season, they list the clubs' 162 game record. It's stupid and has thrown me off a tad as I have to research Wikipedia and other sources and then waste time on math to try to have a managers win-loss record for the back of the card. Might as well just try to get all of them out of the way so I don't have to deal with them anymore. I believe there are only 10 or so to go, and a few of them managed the entire 1991 season, so that will help. 

I'm taking a mini-vacation starting today, as I am headed up to Alabama with my wife to see her cousin get married on Saturday. We'll head home Sunday as I have to be back at work at 5AM Monday. The life of a baker never ends....Hopefully I won't see too many obnoxious 'Bama fans up there. It will be nice to get away from everything, and I'm looking forward to stopping in Talahassee to eat at Harry's. Short story before I go. I lived in Lakeland, Florida for most of my life. We had a bar and grille called Harry's in our town forever. I may have even won a gift card there at a Minor League game. I never went. Then in 2014, me, my wife, and 2 of our friends were in St. Augustine and there was a Harry's there. They do New Orleans-style food, and when we saw that they had red beans and rice, we decided to eat there. I got a catergory-5 hurricane to drink with my meal, and I don't remember eating half of it because I was pretty much buzzed, but the parts I do remember, the food was great. Half a year later, we are in Talahassee visiting my wife's brother, and he takes us to eat at a Harry's up there. I got the red beans and rice again, and it is amazing again. I looked at their website to see if there were any near us. Turns out that there are only 5, including the one in Lakeland, one in Ocala, and one in Gainesville. At the time, my wife had been going up to Gainesville for surgeries quite frequently, and one of those times, we checked the Harry's in Gainesville off our list. We haven't been to the Ocala one yet, but hopefully soon, and next time I'm in Lakeland to see my Dad, I hope to go to the Harry's that I've driven past a dozen times but never ate at. The one in Talahassee is nice, and I'm looking forward to a nice plate of red beans and rice and a nice tall diet coke (although after a 5 hour drive, a hurricane probably won't be sounding too bad).
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