Thursday, April 21, 2016

1992 Topps Tom Goodwin

Tom Goodwin was called up to the Majors in September 1991 when the rosters expanded, and made his MLB debut on the 1st. He appeared in the '92 Topps debut set, but the regular Topps issue passed on him. 

Tom appeared on many more cards throughout his long MLB career, including his first regular Topps issue in 1993, which I was lucky enough to get signed while he was in Spring Training with the Royals in the mid-'90's. I think I still have it in one of my favorite card binders.

This card was a little difficult to make becuase the only suitable Dodgers photos I could find of Tom were from his 2nd appearance with the club where the uniforms are different. I think I got this one off of another card, but had to really stretch out the sides to make the photo work.  

I finished the backs to every coach in the American League today, and started on the NL teams and did the Braves and Cubs. That leaves me with only 108 more backs to go, and I'm happy to say that the coach cards are going alot faster than I thought they would. Only 10 more teams to go, and I will be done with every coach card, with just a few draft picks, award winners, 3 managers, a few highlights, executives, and some random player cards and the set will be done. Thanks for checking out the latest card.

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