Monday, January 25, 2016

1992 Topps Archi Corbin

Card #832 in my custom 1992 Topps set is Archi Corbin. Archi spent 3 years in the Majors, playing for the Royals in 1991, the Orioles in 1996, and the Marlins in 1999. The only Topps cards he ever appeared on were in 1992, on the Stadium Club and Major League Debut set. He missed out on the '92 Topps set, as well as the '97 and '00 Topps sets. Although he spent the majority of his career in the Royals' system, his photo on Baseball Reference shows him with the Orioles. If I could find a photo of him in a Marlins uni, I could finish out his career Topps cards. 

Archi put up some decent numbers in the Minors, posting ERAs under 3 twice before getting called up to Kansas City in '91. He bounced around between the Royals, Expos, and Pirates systems from '92-'95, before putting up a 4.74 ERA in '96 with Rochester and getting called up to the Orioles for 18 games in '96. He got his only 2 Major League Wins that year. He played for Rochester in '97, then it was on to the Padres organization for '98. He was traded to Florida midway through the season, and was called up to the Marlins in late '99, pitching in his last 17 Major League games. In 2000, he was back with the Royals farm system, going to the White Sox during the season. He stayed in the Minors with Chicago again for 2001, and then spent the 2002-2003 with Nashua in the Independant League. He stayed in the same league in his final season, playing for Atlantic City in 2004. 

I have Archi's 1992 Donruss card in my card collection, and if I ever get around to finishing all the backs to this set, I will try to print them and have his '92 Topps card to go along with it. 

While making some backs today, I found another card I am missing: Mike LaCoss. I have made his card, and he will hopefully finish the set at 1367 cards. I figured I would probably miss a few players, but I've seemed to have missed like 10 San Francisco Giants, as well as about 5 players who appeared on the '92 O-Pee-Chee set, and a random player or two I just overlooked. With all the research I'm doing, though, I think I should manage to catch anyone who tries to fall through the cracks. Speaking of backs, I finished the back to card #900, which means there are 468 cards left in the set that need backs. 

Thanks for checking out the latest project on my set. 

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