Wednesday, January 20, 2016

1992 Topps Yorkis Perez

Yorkis Perez started playing ball in the minors in 1983. By the time 1991 came around, he was a prospect in the Atlanta Braves organization. He was part of a trade that sent Mike Bielecki and Damon Berryhill over to the Braves late in that year. He got into 3 games for the Cubs and went on to a decent career, playing until 2002.

He only appeared on 1 Topps set, in 1995, but did appear in the '92 Topps debut set. I wish Topps would show more love to relievers. A lot of team collectors don't mind cards of lesser known players and autographed set collectors don't mind them either because many lesser known guys don't mind signing. I think this card would've fit in nicely in the '92 set.

I'll probably work on more backs tonight. I'm slowly making progress, finishing card 870 2 days ago. That means I'm 496 card backs away from finishing the entire set if my count is right. I'm hoping the coach, highlight, and combo cards are pretty easy so I can knock out a bunch at a time. Thanks for checking out the newest card in my set.

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