Monday, January 18, 2016

1992 Topps Luis Lopez

Luis Lopez played in the Majors from 1990-1991. He never appeared on a regular Topps issue, but did have cards in the '91 Topps Debut set and the '92 Stadium Club set. I had never heard of him until starting my '92 Topps project, but apparently he has been in baseball for a while, getting drafted in 1983 and playing in Japan up until 2004. He was a very versatile player, having played C, 1B, 3B, LF, and RF. He also had decent power numbers, hitting over 30 Home Runs in a season twice in Japan. This would've been Luis's final Topps card.

On a side note, I have taken the images of every card I have created in this set and pasted them onto a photo of a 9-pocket sheet so you can see what the set would look like in a binder. I may post them, may not, haven't decided, but I'm hoping it will be a good reference tool as I create the backs to all of the cards. If I did the calculations right, I can finish the backs to the entire set by the end of this year as long as I can make 2 per day. It might be a lofty goal, but it would be cool if I could get there. 

Thanks for checking out the latest card in my set.

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